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Makeup Lessons

Back to beauty school.

Our in-house expert, Emma Sargent, can teach you as much or as little as you want to know about makeup application. Emma can create a personal tuition plan just for you to perfect your own skills or maybe give you the confidence to try something brand new. Using High Definition Makeup Emma can help you create a look that is as natural or dramatic as you like. With the correct technique, product and brush selection this makeup range is super versatile.

Guidance could be a simple back to basics lesson where Emma can apply your makeup and offer advice. Or why not bring your own makeup bag in and she can show you how to use some of your own products more effectively. Alternatively, Emma could apply makeup to half of your face, then you apply to the other side, mirroring what Emma has done in a step by step walkthrough. We can show you the tricks of the trade whether you are young and just beginning to experiment with makeup, or you may have more mature skin in need of a some brightening and definition.

If you only need help on certain elements we could just spend time on the eyes or even the latest trend in contouring. If you have pictures of the kind of look that you’d like to achieve then please bring them along too. The number of lessons you will need depends entirely on how confident you feel in your abilities, but remember… practice makes perfect!

Our lessons start at £35 for an hour session. Perfect to get you in the mood for a night out or special occasion or maybe you just fancy treating yourself to something different.

Michelle recently booked a makeup lesson for her up and coming wedding in Cyprus. First her skin was colour matched to Buff and applied twice for a flawless finish. Michelle’s skin tone means that she can wear some of the darkest eyeshadows available but this time we decided to keep it more natural and light. The final result showed Michelle how to create a flawless and radiant look for herself, giving her the confidence to walk down the aisle.

MISHISHI hair & beauty are a virtual stockist of High Definition Makeup which means we can order any of the range for you and have it delivered to your door.