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Hair Contouring

Contouring. It’s the buzz word for every aspiring makeup artist but if you’re yet to perfect that sculpted finish, then look no further.

So what is “Hair Contouring”? To put it simply, it’s a combination of colouring techniques and bespoke shades to best emphasise your features and give your face a more symmetrical, oval appearance. As each person’s face shape is unique, a consultation with an experienced professional is necessary beforehand to discuss how hair contouring can enhance your look. We can ensure to lighten, gloss and add shadow in the correct areas with the right techniques to fully compliment your face shape and skin tone whatever your age, hair type or length.

Unlike the skilful makeup technique, Hair Contouring is accessible to everyone (no fancy beauty blender techniques necessary here) and the nature of this tailor-made hair colouring means it’s always going to suit you. The baby light/balayage applications used on most face shapes also makes Hair Contouring a fairly low maintenance and time saving beauty regiment to keep up with because of it’s blurred edges and natural finishes; enhancing your bank balance as well as your beauty.

Mischke has a heart shaped face so the aim here was to put emphasis around hairline from the temples around to the ears. This highlights the face and softens the chin and jawline; combined with depth and shadow through the top to narrow the forehead.

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