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Brazilian Blowdry

Brazilian Blowdry Spalding Lincs


The Brazilian Blow Dry at MISHISHI hair Spalding

The ultimate semi permanent blow dry treatment. Giving you frizz free, super conditioned and salon perfect hair.

  • Is your hair dull, dry and damaged?
  • Is it curly, wavy, frizzy or unmanageable?
  • Do you crave reduced styling time?

Just one Brazilian Blow Dry puts an end to all those hassles. Replacing it with beautifully conditioned, shiny and healthy hair. Styling your hair after the treatment becomes effortless, greatly reducing the time required and in some cases simply being able to wash and go. Humidity will no longer cause frizzy hair.

Please call the salon – 01775 762733 – to book your free consultation. A £50 deposit may be required to confirm your booking.

Introducing Kerastraight

Kerastraight is the latest evolution in brazilian keratin treatments which repairs and conditions hair simultaneously. Unlike other in salon treatments and chemical straightening services, the brazilian blowdry can be performed on any hair condition including bleached or highly damaged hair with great results. The Brazilian Blow Dry dramatically reduces frizz while maintaining curls. As the ultimate semi permanent smoothing treatment the effects can last for up to 4 months before fading from the hair completely.

Kerastraight is 100% aldehyde/formaldehyde free

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. The Brazilian Blow Dry uses a special formula made with natural Keratin and botanical extracts. Keratin is a natural substance which allows the stylist to transform the hair to it’s healthiest and shiniest state. It is not a chemical straightener but does have similar relaxing properties.

The Brazilian Blow Dry Process

A 2-4 hour treatment, depending on hair length and density, your treatment begins with a Kerastraight pre-treatment cleanser which gently opens the cuticles in preparation for the treatment. Your stylist will then completely dry your hair before applying the treatment in small sections from roots to ends and combing through to ensure even distribution. Your hair is dried thoroughly and then straightened taking small sections to bond the Keratin ingredient to your hair. The Keratin protein will help to condition and rebuild your hair whilst the nano molecules of gold will help to fortify the ironing process. Once straightened your hair is then shampooed, conditioned and styled. There is no wait, so you can enjoy your newly conditioned smooth and shiny hair immediately.

Brazilian Blow Dry Aftercare

To ensure long lasting condition and smoothness we recommend using Sodium Chloride free shampoos and conditioners from our Label.m professional haircare range. Also avoid the use of water softeners and sea water. Unlike a chemical straightener, there is no regrowth. The smoothing effects of the Brazilian Blow Dry simply fade over time and your frizz will gradually reappear. We recommend the treatment is repeated every 3 to 5 months to maximise results.