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Behind the Scenes at London Fashion Week 2018

The runway at London Fashion Week is renowned for its glitz, glamour and gorgeous clothes as Shelley and Ben, session stylists for Label m discovered.

Cool demur models move from clothes fitting, to makeup chair, to the hairdresser’s stool before being dressed in the latest ready-to-wear collection by Rocky Star. Indian-born Star has in recent years dressed the who’s who of Bollywood and Hollywood, styling and designing for over 300 films.

Meanwhile above the heads of these beautiful people are us, The Glam Squad, buzzing with creativity as the room gets hotter and we inhale copious amounts of hairspray – and we do it all for the love of fashion.

The 3 hours flew by as we were constantly busy and as the pressure to complete every head on time and to perfection grew it was so important to stay 100% focused. At times it was like there was only me, Ben and our model in the room. I was totally in the zone and can’t wait to return for another season. Seeing the photos and videos afterwards was the biggest buzz. It’s not everyday your work ends up in the world famous VOGUE. I’m feeling super proud of that one – Shelley

As a Label m Concept salon, recognised by the ‘big guns’ at Label m, we were given the opportunity to audition for London Fashion Week to be part of the backstage team. This was an exciting prospect. The thought of being backstage, working alongside some of the best hair and makeup artists, preparing beautiful models to showcase amazing designer clothes on the runway. An absolute dream for both myself and Ben! After a full day of practical tests, we passed, and were on the Label m session team.

At this year’s Autumn/Winter fashion week we were booked to work at the stunning Freemason’s Hall in central London. Our call time was 2:30PM for a show time of 5:30PM. This gave the team just 3 hours to prepare 24 models for a spectacular reveal of Star’s latest collection.

Arriving with plenty of time to find our workplace we entered a very grand room with a palatial art deco feel. We had chance to take a peek at other show prep, taking a look at the various rooms, runways and stages but nothing prepared us for the grandeur that would be our runway in the Grand Temple! WOW!

As my first experience of fashion week I really didn’t know what to anticipate. It was fantastic to find that every individual working there had a real team spirit, coming together to get every single model just perfect. I’m so grateful to Label.m for giving me the opportunity to do it and so proud of the work we produced – Ben

Sitting quietly in our ‘studio’ knowing that this was most definitely the quiet before the storm we watched as the room gradually filled with the hum of hairdressers, makeup artists and assistants. At around 2pm our designer arrived with two huge suitcases full of clothes, shoes and accessories and in no time they were hung and labelled with details of the full outfit and which model was to wear it. Enter the models…all casually dressed in jeans and jumpers, no makeup and seemingly calm and quiet, the models lined up for their fittings. We heard there was a guest model joining the pros, former Love Island star Olivia Buckland which excited some of the team.

The head of hair team Daniele de Angelis, International Art Director for Toni & Guy and London Hairdresser of the Year finalist, huddled his team of hairdressers for a briefing. This would be the first time we’d know what hairstyle we’re going to create. Each head needed to look identical. Label m products were provided and we would need to prep and style the hair into a low bun with an immaculate centre parting. Rocky provided gold, cage-like hair accessories which were placed over the bun and secured through the centre with a decorative pin on a chain. This was, as they go, a fairly simple look to create but when faced with many different hair textures, lengths, hair extensions and the pressure of a catwalk perfect finish it was made far more challenging.

Once complete the models dress and line up ready for the show. Last minute titivating of hair and makeup takes place and we all wait backstage as the models march through. Just a few minutes later they return and the chaos commences for a quick outfit change, hair and makeup check and they’re back out for the finale. The designer then takes his turn down the runway with the models and on their return backstage the tension is released, the show was a roaring success. Rocky says a big thankyou to everyone and we all applaud each other for our achievements on the day. Such a great feeling of comradery spreads throughout the room.

Our work here is now done for the season as we pack away our kit and head to the bar for a well deserved drink with Daniele and the team. Cheers!